Good things come in small packages

According to the MIX-Market concept, the Monolith Group developed Mini-MIX-Markets. As the name indicates, Mini-MIX-Markets are smaller versions of the MIX-Market. That is not only manifested in the size of the branch, but particularly in the extent of the range. Like Prima-Markets, Mini-MIX-markets do not meet the requirements, which have to be complied at MIX-Markets. If there is no way to open a MIX-Market in urban centres with many resettlers, because the premises or facilities do not match the profile of a MIX-branch, Monolith will open a Mini-MIX-Market alternatively.

Idea of Portuguese origin

Comparable to the Prima-Market concept, the idea to cover a large-area with Eastern food, despite unfavourable conditions, plays a major role here, too.

Derived from the MIX-Market name, Mini-MIX-Markets not only have a very high recognition value, they also benefit from the reputation and positive image of the food chain.

The idea to open Mini-MIX-Markets arised in 2005 in Portugal. Since the local stations do not fully satisfy the requirements, the consideration was made to establish smaller markets in equal manner, which do not take second place to the original. By now there are 109 Mini-MIX-Markets in Europe.