In our regional wholesale distributions, which are located in Bergheim, Borchen, Herrenberg, Rosengarten, and Roth, you can gain a first-hand insight into various areas of the food industry. Whatever you decide to go with — we provide you with established knowledge, and practice-oriented skills. And we can promise you one thing: with the necessary commitment and dedication, there are great chances to start building a solid and successful career, and to become a part of our corporate family. Got curious about the Monolith group? Find out about specific job offers in our jobs section. You can also submit an unsolicited application.

Practical training for pupils

As a student, you have a wide range of career paths to choose from — making the right choice can be difficult. To ease this burden, you have the opportunity of completing a course of practical training lasting several weeks. During this time, you’ll get through a variety of special fields and processes in the food wholesale business. Furthermore, you will learn about the Monolith group as a employer and familiarize yourself with a number of different occupations. Therefore an internship is a great opportunity to find out what gives you joy, and discloses you personal strength. Did the Monolith group spark your interest? Send us an application now!