Founded in 1997, the MIX GmbH is specialized in distribution of East European goods and belongs with over 300 MIX-Markets to the biggest partners of the company. MIX-Markets provide a wide-ranging assortment for an excellent price-performance ratio and consequently accomplish optimal shopping facilities to East European families living in Germany. At the same time the proper quality of the products takes centre stage.

Studies evidence that the target group feels more understood in MIX-Markets than in conventional supermarkets. This fact, plus the rise of native visitors of MIX-Markets, confirm the Monolith Group to extend the marketing concept of MIX GmbH and meet the needs of their customers by diversification.

As its name implies, MIX-Markets emphasize on an extensive assortment including Russian foods and homeware as well as specialities from Poland, Italy, Turkey, Asia, the Baltic states and many other countries. Apart from that, the main focus is on the permanent checking of the range by the quality management and the production of fresh and conserved products of German manufacturers.

Since the foundation in 1997, sales has grown from five to 510 Mio. Euro. Furthermore the Monolith group provided 800 jobs in Germany until 2008. The enormous success of MIX GmbH is due to the high engagement of the Monolith group, which offers every single partner the possibility to guide him from location planning via competition analysis through to creation of advertisement.

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