Are you just starting your own business and need support for a successful start or do you already run a retail with Russian food and want to stand out from the competition?

Then contact the international group Monolith and turn your business into a thriving enterprise.

Whether opening or conversion. The Monolith Group can advise you in questions concerning the equipping and composition of your business or costs and other topics related to your market.

When needed, we support you, for example, in equipping your business with modern scanner cash registers or professional rack systems and help you placing the product optimally. If required, Monolith investigates in advance, whether the opening of your retail in the planned environment is worthwhile in long-term perspective. We also offer you the opportunity to address your clients regularly with custom-made advertising.

With Monolith by your side, you do not only get the best available product supply conditions. You also do have the advantage of a consistently high product quality.

By working with Monolith, you will gain an experienced partner with an extensive knowledge and you will have the chance of a successful start into independence.

The international group of companies doesn´t make empty promises, it follows it´s words with deeds. 

Any questions?

If so, please contact our field staff Dmitrij Filenberg. You can reach him by phone at 0151/27 60 92 90 or his emaild.filenberg(at)monolith-gruppe(dot)com.