Prima Markt

Similar to the MIX-Market-concept there is another partnership between the Monolith group and the Prima-Markets. Since 2006, in cooperation with Monololith group, russian food is offered in a total of 29 branches.

Contrary to the MIX-Markets, the Prima-Markets and other existing establishments do not meet the requirements, which have to be complied at MIX-Market. However, to ensure a nationwide supply with Eastern European specialties, markets, which do not have well-spaced parking facilities or do have sales areas of less than 450 m², are turned into Prima-Markets.

With a minimum of effort, the international group is helping retailers to achieve the greatest possible success by providing modern scanning devices or indivudally customized advertising campaigns. The procurement from the international group is regulated on a contractual basis, and guarantees particularly favourable conditions and consistently high product quality.

In addition, the Monolith group licenses its partners of the use of the Prima-Market brand, thus offering the opportunity of a positive image and benefit from the quality.

Through the support of the Monolith group, Prima-Markets gain an experienced expert in wholesale with extensive know-how and thereby secure significant advantages over their competitors.

Prima-Markets are modelled and guided on the concept of the international group of companies Monolith. As the operators decide for themselves to what extent they want to get assistance from the Monolith group, every store remains unique.